Saturday, 28 May 2011

thrifted finds

Although most of my thrifted finds have been going to the Ayoka Charity Shop Boutique (I've been sourcing a range of homeware and curios for them) I've also found a few bits which I couldn't part with...

a couple of Kodak Instamatic cameras to add to my collection

 a new royal mug to add to my ever growing collection

 a metal tambourine from the 1970s (it's going to be hung on my wall)

 a 'royal' stationery set (it has a writing pad and envelopes inside)

 these vintage postage paid envelopes came in a beautiful tin

 a gold Stratton compact mirror (I'm building up a little collection)

two packs of vintage playing cards - one has a pin up girl picture on the back, the other has all different garden flowers

 a couple of vintage nature books (love the plates inside)

 I found this guy and couldn't leave him behind (I have a weak spot for old slightly dishevelled stuffed toys)

Has anyone else got any good thrifty finds lately? xoxo


  1. Wow what a haul! Love that tambourine. This post has really made me want to go charity shopping but I really shouldn't be spending money/ acquiring more stuff :( I will just have to control myself. x

  2. Great finds Zoe! I've definitely got some good finds of my own thanks to you, what a great morning yesterday :) would love to do that again sometime. Hope to see you soon fo some tea x

  3. bird book = amazing


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