Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Columbia Road (part 1)

One of my favourite places to wander and take photos is Columbia Road in East London. Every Sunday morning they have the most incredible flower market, which I visit maybe three or four times a year with my parents to pick new plants for our garden. But it is also a road full of the cutest little shops and cafes, and around the back there is even a small flea market/vintage market selling all sorts of treasures.

Part 2 will be coming in the next few days - I didn't want to make this post too photo heavy! Where are your favourite places to take photos? I'd love to get some recommendations for new places to explore, particularly in and around London.


  1. Lovely photos Zoe. I need to find some more places to take photos in London as I usually go to the same old places near me. My fvaourite place is in Devon though, can't beat those rolling hills :)

  2. Zoe I want to see these photos bigger!!
    and also I want you to make some postcards to sell haha


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