Sunday, 24 April 2011

i secretly think that one day i will own an art gallery....

I've been collecting art prints, postcards, and original pieces of artwork for several years now, though I have almost no space to display them in. In my head I am convinced that one day I will have a huge converted warehouse apartment with blank white walls which I can fill with art, and though that may never happen I still keep hoarding bits and pieces. Here are a few items I've purchased recently...

 bear print by Seventy Tree

 dinosaur stickers

 original tiny pen and watercolour drawing

 mini illustrated zine

 this one is probably my favourite - it's an original pen and ink drawing of a bear (though I don't know who it's by - if you recognise it please do let me know)

I love how it looks like the bear is swimming....

 pug screenprint

What art have you bought recently? I love discovering new artists and illustrators, and just can't help but buy something nice when I see it. It's great to support artists so I can always justify spending money on new pieces, and I would much rather by a nice print than buy new clothes!

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