Sunday, 6 March 2011

seeing red

 As part of my research for my previous 'Red' university project  I wanted  to look at my own relationship with the colour red, mainly through things I owned that were this colour. Well that's what I wrote in my workbook anyway... really I just noticed I had quite a lot of red objects in my bedroom and decided to take photos of some of them!

I really like the way things of the same colour look when placed together in this way, and I was actually quite surprised by how many red objects I own! I'm going to try and do this for other colours too, as a sort of mini project. Why not play along and photograph all the red things you own? If you do please leave a link in the comments as I'd love to see your red collection xxx


  1. Oh my god, I remember those singing coke cans! They were so freaky! Love your red post, it's my favourite colour :) x

  2. oh, that's such a nice series!! you have loads of red things!

  3. beautiful! you have such nice things! x


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