Thursday, 3 March 2011

close my eyes and leap

 A while ago I had an idea for a shoot, and so enlisted the help of two of my sister's friends, who also happen to be sisters. We got up early on a Sunday morning and they were instructed to  climb the biggest hill and jump around getting covered in mud while I took photos. Well, that's how it ended up at least.

My original plan was to have them both holding balloons, but due to the gale force wind, and the fact that in the photos you could barely see the white balloons they had in their hands, we abandoned that idea and improvised.

After a few shots I noticed the amazing cloud formation on the side of the hill, and so instructed them to walk back down the hill, which was basically a mudslide. I'm pretty sure they hated me at this point, but they never let on, and posed for photos according to my shouted instructions.

 I love the way their silhouettes look against the dramatic clouds. It's funny how you plan a shoot and have this fixed idea of how you want the images to look, and in the end nothing goes to plan and they look nothing like how you wanted, but you end up loving the final result even more.

That final shot I took sitting in the car in the car park waiting for my Dad. These kind of spur of the moment shots are my favourite.

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