Saturday, 26 February 2011

my obsession with blue paint and signage

A few weeks ago I stayed a few nights at my friend Sofia's house. I feel like I'm a bit too old for sleepovers, but it was nice to stay somewhere free from parents and siblings! The first night we went to The Junction Room to watch a free screening of Alfred Hitchcock's 'North by Northwest' and to sample their 2 for 1 cocktails (I had a mojito.) It was the first Hitchcock film I've seen (shocking I know!) but certainly won't be the last. The next day we decided to take a walk along the canal by her home in Hoxton, down to Broadway Market. I snapped some photos along the way, and it was only looking back at them just now that I realised the only things I'd taken pictures of were blue paintwork on buildings, and shop signage!

Maybe one of my new year's  resolutions should have been to take pictures of people every once in a while! For some reason I find it much easier to photograph inanimate objects. Oh, and here is one final photo (sans human of course) of the sunset I watched from Sofia's window. I really wish I could move to East London. One day...

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