Thursday, 3 February 2011

Canon AV-1 (part 3)

Well, I totally forgot I had another roll of film from my AV-1 to blog about! These are when we had snow in London (which was about a month ago now, my blogging is still so far behind!) Taken at Northala Hills plus a couple in my house...

I have no idea what that last photo is of.... some sort of fairy lights, but there are no fairy lights in my house that look like that... But the mystery is part of why I love film. 


  1. ZOE I JUST GOT YOUR CARD!!!! It made my day. Really. It's gonna be on display FOREVER.

    And I really like these photos, especially the one where you're holding something.

    You know what we should do? Take our cameras out one afternoon (agreeing on the day beforehand), go shoot a whole roll that afternoon, and mail it to each other without developing. SURPRISE PHOTO SWAP CHALLENGE!!!


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