Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Canon AV-1 (Part 2)

 Here is part two of my film photo mass upload. These are from my garden, walking my dog round the block, a few shots from Liberty's, snow day in my local park, the V&A museum, and my bedroom. It's kind of hard to tell from these pictures, but they have the most amazing soft focus and film grain. I know you can probably get the same effect in photoshop, but for me nothing beats the excitement of waiting for a roll of film to be developed so you can see the results.

PS. does anyone else shoot on film? and if so what camera and film do you use? I'm so intrigued by the different effects you get by using different combinations of camera and film. The above photos (and the ones on the previous post) were all shot on Kodak Colorplus ISO 200 film, which I found in my local pound shop. I'd like to try some other film types though to see how the pictures differ...


  1. The colours look very nice! I'm not generally a fan of kodak film but I find the lab where you develop them also has a great influence on how they come out. I normally use Fuji 400. That's my absolute fave film. The last 2 rolls, however came out with more muted colours, so I blame it on the lab I took them to. Most of my film cameras are taken with a little olympus compact bought 10 years ago. I love that camera, it's little enough to carry in my bag without adding much extra weight and the results are great for a compact camera. I also use my grandpa's old camera, a yashica electro 35. I love it.


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