Thursday, 28 October 2010

Polaroid Postcards

You all know about my love hate relationship with Polaroid. Love the idea, hate spending a fortune on film. Sigh. But just recently I discovered something that definitely tipped the scales in the 'love' direction again. On Flickr there is a Polaroid Postcard group, where members can post their address and receive a polaroid photo, complete with stamps, and sometimes even an airmail sticker, through the post, just like a postcard. Absolutely genius.

If only I could justify spending the money on film, I would so join this group! Maybe I should set one up for Fujifilm Instax....


  1. YES do it for instax! as i was looking through this i thought "i wonder if i could use my instax" have you got a mini or a wide ? i've got the HUGE one that takes over most of your face, i love it x

  2. Yay, Emma we could be instax penpals! I have both, but I think the mini would be way too small! But the wide is like designed to be made into a postcard! I may set up a group on flickr then.... xxx

  3. Yes! Zoe, i got your email but technology is getting the better of me and I'm struggling to reply, did you get it? if not i'll email you through another account!

  4. Oh no, Emma I didn't get your email. Sorry for the delayed response, I too am having technology issues! Yeah defo try sending it from another account! xxx


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