Monday, 11 January 2010

New Year, New Resolutions

So 2010 has arrived.... and so far I have not blogged! I have been rubbish at updating this blog but hopefully a new year will mean a fresh start. And to try and spur myself on I am posting a list of new year resolutions on this blog. They aren't the usual resolutions - some are more like little challenges or things to do during the coming year. So here we go...

  • to have a stall at a craft fair (or several!)
  • to send regular snail mail to my besties
  • to save money for some special trips in the next few years
  • to have candyfloss pink hair for a week and take pretty photos
  • make a list of 100 films I want to watch and then watch all of them (I will be posting my list of 100 movies tomorrow)
  • take one instant photo every day for a year
  • bake something every week
  • make an A-Z scrapbook and update it throughout the year (more to come on this)
  • write monthly 'to do' lists (these will start in February)
  • blog at least once a week
These are all easily doable, and are all things I really want to do, so I hope I will be able to stick to this list.... But we shall see. Tomorrow I am going ice skating with my sister on an outdoor rink. We are going to have Starbucks, eat chocolate crepes, and visit the National History Museum. So excited.

Love xxx

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