Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Hama Bead Flower Wall Hangings

Does anyone else go through phases where they are obsessed with a particular craft, and go a bit crazy buying all the supplies and equipment? Well that is where I am currently at with hama beads! I bought every colour of the regular size and the mini size beads, and have been busy making lots of things, the first of which are these retro flower wall hangings inspired by one of Hollie's cross stitch patterns!

These were such a simple and quick project (my favourite kind) and would make great gifts too! Perfect to brighten up any space - mine are going to be hung in my craft room. Also, check out that pink floral fabric in the background of some of the photos. It looks vintage, but it's actually a reproduction from eBay and it was SUPER cheap (£3 a metre cheap!) so I'm going to try and make a bag out of it....

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  1. I've got loads of hama beads in my craft shed (read that as dumping ground for craft stuff, bikes and er-drum kit!)- I bought some alphabet boards to use with them- hmmmmm,must get them out!
    these look very effective!x


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