Thursday, 17 September 2015

Dorset Holiday part 1

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that a few weeks ago I went on a family break to Dorset for six days. The run up to the holiday was very stressful as we made the awful decision to have our beloved dog Jasper put down two days before we were due to go away. This story has a VERY happy ending though - when the day came to have Jasper put to sleep, he was transformed! He was eating, running, barking, and generally full of life. Although his underlying issues are still present (he has a weak heart and tumours on his liver, plus other things we aren't aware of as he is too old to undergo invasive medical testing) we just couldn't have him put to sleep when he was back to his usual mischievous self! So we decided to take him on holiday with us as we had originally planned (along with our other dog Poppy) and see how he got on.

Well, we had two days of sunshine, and four days of torrential rain! I did take a few photos on the nicer days, so thought I'd share these with you.... On our first day we visited Poole - the harbour there is so beautiful and peaceful, and the dogs loved running in and out of the shallow water when the tide was out. We were staying a ten minute drive from Poole, so came here a few times for dinner in the evenings. One night I had the most incredible smoked haddock dish which I need to try and recreate at home...

We also managed to squeeze in a visit to Durdle Door (which has a special place in my heart as I came here on a school Geography trip many year ago and loved it.) It was a really overcast day, but the rain held off thankfully. Although shortly after I took these photos, and we returned to our car, we noticed some tourists in a van that had gotten stuck in the mud (the car park area is just a field and with all the rain we had had it was very soft.) Me, my Dad, and some others helped push the van out of the mud, and during the process I got COVERED (literally) in mud spatter. Then, when we finally climbed into our car to head off, we realised our car was also stuck! Cue more pushing out of the mud, leading to me falling to my knees in the mud. Not gonna lie, it was kind of hilarious and actually pretty fun to act like a kid and get dirty.

The same day we visited Durdle Door we also popped along to Lulworth Cove, as they are so enar to each other and the weather was staying dry. Me and my mum and sister had tea and Dorset apple cake in the courtyard of a boutique hotel, which was lovely except for the fact that as soon as the food came out we were swarmed by wasps! Not fun at all. But I did enjoy sitting in the sunshine with a book and a cuppa.

Tomorrow I will post some photos from a gorgeous garden/country park we visited, so do pop back then!

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  1. I'm glad your dog is ok and you had a lovely holiday! It looks so beautiful there! I'd love to visit that cove!x


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