Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Mim's House Tour part three

I definitely saved the best for last with Mim's house tour - her kitchen and living room space was my favourite room. Looking into the garden, it was so full of light, and there were so many things to look at. It was also the room we spent the most time in, chatting and gossiping away.

The living room is basically my dream room - Mim has such an incredible eye for putting together colours and patterns that I wish I could borrow! My favourite parts were probably the vintage plates displayed on the walls, and also the vintage French educational posters that Mim picked up whilst on holiday. That was another thing that made the house tour even more special - hearing Mim's stories about where she picked up different items, how much they cost, and why she was drawn to them.

Mim and her husband David even made us lunch - sandwiches and homemade cake and all the tea you can drink, all served on their collection of mismatched vintage crockery.

I've been lusting after vintage kitchen larder units for years - my grandparents had one many moons ago and I've always wanted to have one myself. Mim's beautiful aqua cupboard set my heart a flutter, especially as it was filled with an impressive array of vintage plates and cups.

Thanks again to the oh so wonderful Mim for allowing us to invade your beautiful home, and for being such a kind and gracious hostess! Be sure to follow Mim over on instagram @madebymim


  1. A magical mix of treasure...if only it didn't need dusting! xx

  2. Thank you Zoe for such an amazing 3 part blog ! I love all your photos they made the house look so cool ! No dust to be seen anywhere 😂 you are welcome back anytime and there have been a few reshuffles since you were last here 😊 hope to see you soon xx


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