Friday, 14 August 2015

DIY Retro Crochet Edged Garland

A few weeks ago I discovered (via Pinterest, because that's pretty much where I spend most of my life at the moment) this amazing tutorial by the ridiculously creative Silly Old Suitcase whose blog has since become one of my favourites. I decided to make my own version, and share the process and result with you lovely lot!

Firstly I cut out circles from a piece of vintage wallpaper I've been hoarding for years, just waiting for the perfect project. I traced around a glass to get the right size circle, but you can make the circles as big or as small as you like really. I also glued the wallpaper on the some white cardstock as it was too thin on its own.

 Next I marked dots around the edge of each circle around 1cm away from the edge, and approx 1.5cm apart. Then make a hole on each of the dots - I used a teeny hole punch but you could use an awl or anything pointy and sharp! I completed one circle, and then used it as a template for the others.

Gather up your holey circles and some mercerized cotton in coordinating or contrasting colours. Taking photos of said supplies for Instagram is optional but always encouraged.... I bought my cotton from eBay for less than £2 per ball, and used a 2mm hook with it.

Blanket stitch around the edge of each of the circles using the mercerized cotton and a tapestry needle. Make sure you pull these stitches fairly tight, but without ripping the card. You will crochet into these stitches.

 Crochet a decorative border into the blanket stitch - there are hundreds of stitch combinations you can use to give different effects. For this dainty scalloped border into each stitch I did a slst, sc, hdc, dc x5, hdc, sc, slst. Repeat this combination in each stitch.

Finally I used mini wooden pegs to clip the scalloped circles on to a length of white cotton and VOILA a super quick and easy garland. You can use any image or piece of patterned paper or card for the circles (if using a thinner material make sure to back on to card for stability) and edge them in any colour thread in any crochet border that you like. The possibilities are endless and easy to customise to suit your personal taste.

I'm a bit obsessed with adding crochet borders to everything now so will be sharing some more of my projects over the next few weeks so watch this space!

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  1. Hello there! This is absolutely beautiful! What a glorious idea! Alas, but that I could crochet, I'd definitely try it! You've done a super job!
    Hope that you are having a nice day- wasn't it sunny today! Hurrah!
    Nice to meet you and I look forward to reading more soon! I came over as I wanted to link to you as I'm wearing some of your collar clips in a post (scheduled, not up!) and wanted to link to your website then discovered your blog! x


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