Friday, 15 May 2015

Renegade Round Up

Its been almost a month since Renegade, and I'm only just getting round to blogging these photos. Oops! This was the first time they've held one in the UK during Spring (they are normally just near Christmas) and I was really unsure about whether many people would come/buy stuff, but it turned out to be AWESOME! Lately I have been really questioning what direction I want to take the business - some of the craft fairs I have done recently have not been very profitable at all (even ones that I normally do super well at) and I feel as though this may be because I do so many, and because the same people tend to come to these events so have seen my stuff and aren't necessarily feeling the need to purchase.

So for Renegade I decided to trial some new products to diversify a bit. Because you get such a large space, it means I could have my 'regular' stock out but also put some new things out as well to gauge the reaction. The main things I trialled were some of my ceramic animal necklace, my new vinyl slogan bottles (which you can see in the photo above), and crocheted jar cozies. Everyone seemed to LOVE them and we sold tons - we sold so many bottles on the first day that I had to go home and make even more for the next day.

I met so many lovely people over the two days, and didn't even get a chance to go round and take photos of other stalls. I'm always overwhelmed by how many people come along to say hi and introduce themselves, and how many familiar faces I get to see. It is hands down my favourite part of doing events, and makes me so so happy! So thank you to all the lovelies that dropped by - you made my weekend.

I am still working on my new business plan - with everything that has been going on it's a long process, and one that has been really difficult as I want this business to work so much, and it's hard when aspects don't go to plan! The main things I'm going to be working on are having mini shop updates with new products that are very limited edition, therefore allowing me to try new techniques, and doing more new events around the UK to expand my reach. I'll be talking more about these changes next week, and about what has prompted me, plus a bit of advice for others that are maybe in the same situation!

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  1. Very cute things. I would want some of them for my house. xoxo


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