Saturday, 16 May 2015

Crochet Jar Cozies

One of the new products I had at Renegade were these crochet jar cozies - I found the pattern online and adapted it slightly, and made a couple for myself to cover some boring plant pots. When I posted photos of them on Instagram though everyone loved them, and it gave me the idea to make a few to sell too. I made two sizes - one for larger jars which became sippy cups with reusable straws, and one for smaller jars which held succulents and cacti. Most of them are bears, made in pastel colours, but I also couldn't resist making a Totoro version too because TOTORO (obvs!)

I will have some of these at my upcoming fairs, plus I will be doing a small shop update in a few weeks time, which will include crochet jar cozies, vinyl decal bottles, plus some other bits and pieces! Check back here for updates, and make sure you sign up for our email newsletter (there is a link in the sidebar on the right) which will email you with the sale date nearer the time.


  1. These are incredibly cute!

  2. Love these so much!! They look awesome with the succulents x


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