Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Oh hai Spring!


A few photos from my Easter long weekend. Even though I had so much work to do, I took a few days out just to relax and do some fun stuff. Family friend bought us some Easter themed Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes (sooooo good.) My dad let me drive to Dunelm (I'm learning to drive again so trying to practice as much as possible) and I picked up these super cute scissors. I already have a set of ladybird print ones from there, but you can never have too many scissors right? 

Because my sister is a florist we always have tons of flowers around the house, and this time of year is the best becausewe have daffodils and hyacinths which smell incredible. I made an Easter basket for one of my besties - this is it before I added the chocolate. I picked up the basket at Tiger, and added a cute little succulent, one of my crochet bunnies, and a mason jar cup that I added a decal to. Still very much obsessed with using my Silhouette to cut self-adhesive vinyl. Next week I'm actually planning on experimenting with it a bit more, and hopefully using it to create some new products and DIY projects..... And finally I worked on a 'just for fun' crochet project - a little crochet bear pouch which I need to finish up. He needs eyes, a face, and a zip, but I need to run out for supplies. Once he's finished I'll share a little DIY post here on the blog!

What did you all get up to over the bank holiday weekend? Hope it involved lots of chocolate and relaxing and maybe some sort of craft project xoxo


  1. The Easter basket is so cute! Such a lovely idea :)

  2. Oh what a lovely weekend you must have had. I think those cupcakes look amazing and the Easter basket is adorable. Do you sell those decals at all? "Epic " is a bit of a joke word in our house and it would make a great mug for my husband!

  3. Beautiful pictures and good ideas. :)


  4. What a beautiful pictures. I love your ideas and tips here especially the cute cupcakes and the scissors. I love everything about your article, very catching!! Can't wait to read more of your amazing blogs..Keep posting!!

    Please check this out!!


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