Tuesday, 17 March 2015

DIY Watermelon Wall Art

Most of you know about my studio heartache already - I am back home working from the spare room, but as I am still planning on moving I thought there was no point moving everything back and unpacking it all, so my studio is currently running on just the essentials. One thing that is still all packed up are all my knick knacks and wall art, which made the space feel so fun and inspiring. So I figured it might be fun to try and create some little pieces to put on the wall in the meantime....

I bought some cheap canvases from Tiger (told you I love that shop!) and decided to turn this one into a watermelon repeat pattern. I am definitely no artist - that's not me being modest or anything, I genuinely have no talent when it comes to drawing or painting. But I do like creating simple patterns, and even I could manage to paint a (very wonky) semi circle with a few dots on!


I'm so pleased with this painting - it took me about half an hour to do, and cost about £3 to make. Cheap and quick equals my kind of DIY project! It was also very relaxing just sitting and painting - I've always avoided this kind of crafting because I know I can't draw to save my life. But this isn't a GCSE art class - I can draw or paint whatever I like and it doesn't matter if it looks like it or not! Now the question is what to paint next...


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