Monday, 9 March 2015

Brighton Visits and Rainy Days

A week and a bit ago I visited Brighton for an overnight stay, to give a talk to the Brighton Etsy team about my experience of running a small business. My talk went really well, even though I got SO nervvous beforehand (I always do, my childhood fear of public speaking seems to reawaken and cause me to spaz out a bit.) I booked to stay in a hotel on the seafront, with the aim of spending the next day wandering Brighton, taking pretty photos, and enjoying a bit of down time. Well, the photos above are the only two I took during my time there! The burnt out pier is nearly invisible in the mist (which shows how bad the weather was), and the second is from my amazing breakfast at Blackbird Tea Rooms (avocado and poached egg on sourdough toast YUM.)

When I woke up in my hotel room the rain was beating down - I walked to get breakfast in the Laines and nearly drowned! I hadn't brought any waterproof clothing with me at all (or even a proper coat, as it was so sunny and nice the day I travelled down) which was a real rookie mistake. So my day of fun turned into a mad dash for a cab to the station, and a slow train home again! Sometimes you just have to roll with it though - it did mean I got to sit at home and watch The Office whilst crocheting, so it wasn't all bad.

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