Friday, 6 March 2015

Blue Skies on the Southbank

Do you ever unintentionally take photos all in the same colour scheme, and match your clothes to the blue sky? After several years of toying with the idea (I am SO indecisive!) I bought myself a little compact camera to carry around in my bag on days out. I adore my DSLR but it is SO heavy, and I end up not taking it out with me for this reason. So these were all taken on my little travel camera - I'l' share more info about it in the next few weeks....

These are photos from last Sunday at the Southbank with Jonathan. Almost a year ago, at a charity event, we won a meal for two at Skylon, and we finally redeemed our prize. It was more than worth the wait - goats cheese tart with beetroot salad, followed by an amazing fish stew. Oh and free champagne and cocktails which was probably the highlight. We got home and the rain bucketed down a few minutes after we walked through the door, and we lay in bed listening to it. Such a perfect lazy Sunday.

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