Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentine Printables

It's only five days until Valentines Day and if, like me, you are not very organised and/or are a bit short on cash then fear not! I've scoured the internet for some super awesome and FREE printable Valentines cards and gifts that can be whipped up in a matter of minutes.

 These adorable 'Wild About You' printables by Sarah M Style are most probably designed for kids, but I think they are so sweet and would make a funny alternative Valentines for any adult too. Simply pair with an animal toy (or how about making an animal figurine, or buying something else animal themed?) for a gift and card in one!

 So yeah, I love donuts, and when I saw this free printable I did let out a few little squeals and giggles. You could use the printable to create a card on its own, or buy/make a donut (or a whole box of donuts if you're like me) and attach the card for a tasty way to show you care! The donut printables were created by the oh so talented Damask Love.

These airmail paper plane love notes by No Biggie are so simple but so effective. You could easily whip up a bunch to give out to your friends and family. I think they'd be cute attached to a travel themed gift - maybe a travel journal and pen for someone who goes away a lot? Or combine with an airmail letter writing kit thats practical whilst still being thoughtful.

 My love for Heidi of My Paper Crane pretty much knows no bounds, especially since she posted this free printable for such adorable Valentine cards. They are the perfect size for popping in with a gift, but aren't overly mushy or cute.

 Every Valentine celebration needs some decorations - how about this 'Love You Like Crazy' free printable banner by Tomfo? Hang somewhere that special someone will see it, to let them know you love them, or you could even send it in the post to someone further away.

Finally, these 'You're All Write' cards/gifts by She Wears Many Hats combine three of my favourite things; heart shapes, stationery, and stupid love themed puns! Again, these are aimed at kids, but what adult wouldn't love getting one of these from their Valentine? Why not mix it up and buy a fun pen to insert in the card?

So there you go - I hope they've given you some inspiration for Valentines Day! There are LOADS more awesome free printables for all occasions over on my Pinterest so do follow us there.

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  1. Love the donut ones. Im going to add it to my Kawaii collection.


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