Friday, 23 January 2015

Valentine Swap!

Following on from how popular my Christmas card swap was in December, I thought it would be super fun to organise a Valentines themed swap. This time I will match people up with a swap partner and you will send that person a Valentine themed card and small gift or love token. Then in turn you will receive a card and gift from someone else. Who doesn't love getting nice things in the post?! Below are all the details you need to know and how to participate;

How to join - simply email me at by Wednesday 28th January at midnight with your name and postal address, plus your instagram/twitter handle if you have one, and also whether you are happy to send internationally or not.

What happens - I will email everyone with the name and address of their swap partner on Thursday 29th January. If you do not hear from me on this day please email me in case I have missed someone off! You will then have until Monday 9th February to send your swap goodies to your swap partner! Please DO NOT join this swap if you cannot send by this date. Also, if you are based outside of the UK, you may not receive your parcel by Valentines Day as you may be matched with someone from a different country.

What to send - you can send anything you like, whether it's handmade, vintage, or bought. We want you to be as creative as possible. The only criteria is that the theme is love/friendship/connections. You can interpret this however you like. All swaps must include a card/postcard and a gift.

So let's get swapping! I hope lots of you lovelies will join in - please repost/retweet/share on instagram about the swap so we can get as many people as possible involved and sharing the love!

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