Tuesday, 15 July 2014

let's be adventurers

last week I launched a limited number of these engraved wooden bear brooches and necklaces, each of which is laser engraved with the phrase 'let's be adventurers.' there were only six of each available, and now there are even less! but I am now thinking about making a small range along the same lines, with silhouettes engraved with nice little quotes. what do you think?

if you'd like a bear brooch or necklace there are only a couple left over in my Etsy shop so be quick! let me know if you have any suggestions of shapes or quotes you'd like to see in the new range :)


  1. Personally, these are my absolute favourite of all the things in your lovely shop. I have worn this necklace every day since I bought it last week, I love it! Please make lots more :) xx


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