Tuesday, 17 June 2014

ELCAF zine and comic fair

on Saturday I dragged my long-suffering boyfriend and his brother out for a day trip to East London. it was pretty awesome as we hit up Hackney Flea (snapped up a huge vintage enamel platter), visited ELCAF (East London Comic and Art Fair) to browse and buy some new zines, and then stopped off for dinner at Street Feast in Dalston. a good day in my opinion. however I didn't really take any photos of any of it - I could have taken hundreds of photos at ELCAF but it was SO busy I could hardly move around let alone get my camera out! so I thought I'd do the next best thing, which is to take some photos of the zines and comics I bought....

I picked up some really great little zines to add to my collection, including a collection of illustrated Hans Christian Andersen stories by Isabel Greenberg, which she oh so kindly signed for me on the day. I also grabbed a Philippa Rice zine, which I've wanted for a while now. I adore her style of illustrating, and her 'Soppy' zine is something I can really relate to! Below are a few pics from inside some of the zines showing off some of my favourite pages....

 the zine above was illustrated by my incredibly talented bestie Emma Carlisle - she sold out of them on the day, but I think she will be popping some up in her Etsy shop once she gets them reprinted. you should totally buy one because it has THE cutest stories inside!

 okay so these aren't zines or comics, but I bought this pack of postcards illustrated by different artists and I absolutely adore them - please excuse the out of focus photos that pop up every so often, I've been having some problems with focusing on my camera!

 what did you all get up to over the weekend? did any of you visit ELCAF? and if you did, did you buy any good zines? or can anyone recommend any good zines to buy online?


  1. !!!!! What a lovely collection of zines!! I'm always on the lookout for new zines to read and the ones you picked up look lovely!! xo

  2. At the weekend I spent my Saturday celebrating my birthday and then Sunday lounging around and playing video games! I've never been to ELCAF or anything similar but I think it would be so much fun! I have a copy of the Isabel Greenberg book too, the illustrations are so lovely!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!


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