Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ballad Of Magazine

last Thursday evening I went along to the launch of the new issue of Ballad Of magazine - I was there in a business capacity really, as I was holding a badge making workshop at the event, but I am SUCH a huge fan of the magazine, and have been for several years now. it's awesome seeing how the magazine has grown and changed over the years - although I think this current issue, the Ballad of Hardcore Happiness, might be my favourite issue so far!

I was lucky enough to get an awesome goodie bag too, which included a super cute personalised pencil, plus this Ballad Of tote bag (I've been coveting one since seeing one on their instagram feed ages ago!)


here are a few of my favourite pages from this issue, although in reality I could have taken a picture of every single spread as it was SO gorgeous! each issue has a theme, and people are invited to submit work around the theme to be published in the magazine. I love how open and collaborative it is - it means the work within is diverse and so interesting and different.


  1. This magazine looks so cute! Need to look it up!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  2. Will definitely try to get my hands on this!


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