Wednesday, 30 April 2014

we like.... Kate Gabrielle

there are some blogs I have been following since before I even started this here blog of my own (yep, that's a LONG time guys!) and one of those blogs is Scathingly Brilliant, the ridiculously cute and kitsch virtual home of the pastel-hued wonder that is Kate Gabrielle.

so I was over the moon when Kate said she'd love to wear some Ladybird Likes pieces in her outfit posts - one of her picks was the lilac wooden heart necklace which she teamed with one of her perfect pastel ensembles (doesn't that dress make you want dipping dots?! or is that just me and my addiction to American sweets?!)

 she also picked our Jurassic Park badge card (we love how many of you share our love for Jurassic Park) and even made some suggestions for new badges we should make and, because we love getting feedback, we are going to make some up for you guys to buy! watch this space next week for some new badge cards being added to the shop!

thanks so much Kate for representing Ladybird Likes - we like you a LOT! oh and guys, if you love Kate's super dreamy style then keep your eyes peeled as we may just be collaborating on a super exciting mini jewellery range!


  1. I love the way Kate styled your pretty jewelry!!

  2. I love her style, goes perfectly with your jewellery pieces!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  3. I love Kate's style!

  4. I also love Kate's style but also how human she is when we have to perform an act of kindness to join her giveaways. Her house is trully adorable.
    Also your work is neat, I joined the giveaway :) The best thing about blogging is that we find such artistic tanlented people


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