Friday, 7 February 2014

a little box of love

as you know we launched our Valentine's Day collection last night, however we know sometimes it can be hard to choose what to buy with so many options! particularly if you are buying a gift for someone else. so we came up with the idea of a 'little box of love' - for only £18 you'll receive one of our vintage Valentine's brooch, a multi heart necklace, a badge card, plus a selection of other goodies, all beautifully packaged up ready to give to someone, or keep for yourself! you can choose which necklace/brooch/card you receive, or leave it as a total surprise and we will pick for you.

every little box of love will be lovingly packaged up in colour coordinated packaging, and we will even pop in some little added extras to make it extra special! (please note: packaging shown in the photos may not necessarily be the packaging you will receive as each box of love will be unique)


there are only TEN of these little boxes of love available, and once they're gone that's it until next Valentine's Day! so be quick if you would like one - they make awesome gifts, or are perfect if you fancy treating yourself.


  1. Oh wow these are SO SO pretty!!
    I also adore how you've photographed them, what a talent!

    Kelly from |Day Dreams & Daisy Chains

  2. Oh gorgeous! Mega lovely photography too, so tempting... (for myself)



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