Saturday, 25 January 2014

instagram photo calendar

before Christmas I was on Groupon (any other Groupon addicts out there?!) and noticed they had an offer on personalised photo calendars made with your instagram photos. I love giving personalised presents, so I bought some to give as gifts and also one for myself, which I filled with some of my favourite instagram pictures to look at while I'm working. although I think the Groupon offer is no longer running, the calendar was actually ordered from Instajunction.

the quality of the images isn't amazing - I don't think they are meant to be made as large as they are on the calendar, so the images looked a bit grainy and had an odd colour cast to them. but that said, I don't really mind, I just like the novelty of having my photos (which would otherwise be stuck on my phone) made into a calendar that I can use!


  1. have you checked out or or all are great places to print out your phone photos. ;)

  2. What a great idea! I think that’s one of the most creative and personalized gifts one could ever give. Plus, you can actually tell a story with that one. I’m going to try make one. By the way, your Instagram pictures are lovely!

    Hoa Bracken


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