Monday, 22 July 2013

website makeover

it's been a VERY long time coming, but I've finally made some real progress with my website revamp! when I first made my website I did it in a couple of hours, and it was just a landing page, with links to my blog, my etsy shop, and my social networking sites. as I have no knowledge of CSS or website building, I used a tutorial I found online for creating a static website using a stripped back blogger blog.

fast forward a year, and I wanted a nicer website, with more pages, to represent the Ladybird Likes brand properly. it's taken me a few weeks of working on the website on and off, but it's nearly done. I couldn't wait any longer to show you guys though, so here are some screenshots of the site. or you can check it out in person at

one of the only things I knew I definitely wanted as part of my website was an image slideshow on the front page. I made this one using a site called HTMLBasix, and inserted the HTML code it generated into a HTML/javascript widget. I think the front page may well be my favourite part of the whole site, because I can easily change it to keep up with trends, or seasons, or to highlight a new product range or promotion.
 I've added new pages to my website too, to create more interest and to be able to get across more information about the Ladybird Likes brand. these include a press page, showcasing our print media press, as well as some of our online press; a stockists page, to help customers locate our work in bricks and mortar stores near them; and an updated contact page.

 I've also added an 'our story' page, which gives customers some of the background behind Ladybird Likes; how it got started, what our aim as a brand is, and what we are planning for the future.

I also spruced up this here blog a little bit (in case you hadn't noticed!) - nothing major, I just added a new header and nav bar, to tie in with those on the website. oh, and I changed my introduction widget in the blog sidebar (my Mum HATES that photo of me, but I think it's funny!), and added new social networking links too. finally (because I'm a glutton for punishment apparently) I updated my about me, contact, and FAQ pages with new information and graphics.

 what do you think guys? I'd love to get some feedback. I am such a novice with all this website stuff, and with doing graphics in photoshop, but I kind of muddled my way through with lots of youtube tutorials to help me out! I'm thinking of including a section in my business course on how to build a static website without any proper experience, as I reckon someone else could benefit from all the mistakes I made along the way!


  1. You did a great job Zoe!! I love the sideshow on your website (ps thanks for the link!!) :)
    You're doing such a great job girl!!! xo

  2. I always wondered how those slideshows were made. Very pretty!

  3. Zoe, it's fabulous! You are one clever lady, I can't believe you did all that yourself with no experience - it looks like a professional job. I love your colour scheme, handwriting-style font and little scalloped borders. Also, as a customer I love having more access to the story behind the brand. You've done an awesome job, it represents the aesthetic of your brand really really well.
    The only imperfect thing I noticed is that the page doesn't quite line up with the screen. My husband tells me that's one of the hardest things to get right though!
    The prospect of you doing workshops is too exciting for me... I only wish I lived in England, not way down here in the South Pacific! Let me know if you ever feel like going "on tour" to New Zealand!
    Love your work. xo

  4. Looks amazing! I did my own blog design and I know how much time this process takes, and you've done a whole website. Brava! I noticed that you have a custom domain, but you're contact e-mail is still hotmail. You should be able to do a custom e-mail address as well. I purchased my custom domain via google, and I can make as many custom e-mail addresses ( as I want. Just a suggestion :)
    All the best for the rest of the summer!

  5. Looks awesome, well done!!



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