Thursday, 18 July 2013

etsy treasuries

we've said it before but we love being featured in treasuries over on Etsy - it's how we discover new favourite shops and sellers, and I love seeing items grouped together by colour or theme, it makes me so happy! here are a few of our recent favourites that we've been featured in - follow the links below each treasury to go to it on Etsy so you can check out the designers and their shops :)

 our grey cat collar clips in this buttons and bow treasury

  our vintage brownie camera necklace in this green treasury

 our red cardinal bird brooch in this red themed heart of tlv treasury

our orange bird collar clips in this beautiful lady like treasury

our blue moon collar clips in this over the moon treasury

our kiera miniature butterfly necklace featured in this unusual travel by sea or air treasury

1 comment:

  1. I haven't made a treasury in so long... they look great though, its so fun seeing what people put your products next too.

    Loving the new header too btw :)


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