Wednesday, 26 June 2013

pimp my iphone

a few weeks ago I posted a screenshot of my pimped up iphone icons, and people loved it, so I thought I'd share with you the tutorial I used to do it. basically you need to use an app called cocoppa. all it does is create a little icon on your phone which then links to a particular app. you still need to have the original app on your phone - the new icon acts like a shortcut. I just shoved all the boring looking original apps into folders on a new page on my iphone homescreen so I never see them.

it's a fairly simple to use app, however when I couldn't work out how to change the email or messages icon I googled it and found this really helpful tutorial. it takes you through the process step by step.

and here is what my two screens of icons looked like! I didn't go too over the top, but I love how much more interesting it looks! I'm always buying new cases and covers for my iphone, but I love having my screen customised too!

 oh and here are a few screenshots of the icons I 'liked' over on cocoppa - my favourite bit of the process was going through and picking out which ones I wanted to use!

such a cool app - I'd recommend it if you have some free time and want to pimp out your iphone. if you do go for it I'd love to see a screenshot of your icons!

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  1. oooh that's a good idea, I just wish I had the patience to sit and do it! :)


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