Friday, 8 March 2013

my first employee

 So, you may or may not know but I recently hired my first proper member of staff! It was a big decision, but I was getting more and more behind and struggling to keep up with demand, which is an awesome situation to be in, but it meant I really did need an extra pair of hands!

Enter Freya, my part-time studio assistant, helping me out two or three days a week with everything from packing orders, to making jewellery, and just generally lending a hand where it's needed. This has been her first week, but I'm already wondering how I managed without her.

As well as helping me Freya also produces her own range of illustrated homewares and accessories for her brand Freya Lines Designs. Her stuff is really gorgeous, and she is such a talented lady! I feel so lucky to have her! Look how cute she is!

So to help you all get to know Freya a bit better, I asked her a few quick questions.....

Favourite cake? the one my Mum makes me for my birthday - a chocolate sponge with chocolate butter icing. Simple but I love it!

Favourite movie? Sound of Music - because it makes me so happy, and I like singing along, and I like their dresses made out of curtains.

Favourite snack? (we are all about food here at Ladybird Likes HQ!) Oooh, that's hard. Bread and butter, that's a good snack (Miss Phoebe seconded this!)

Favourite Ladybird Likes item? Either the owl collar clips or the robot brooches. Or the Zooey butterfly necklace. OH, and I like the moon collar clips as well!

Dream job? (other than working for me, ahem) Having my own business, plus also helping someone else with their business.

Favourite colour? Probably blue.

Tell us a little known fact about yourself? I have double jointed fingers (she showed me and it looks sooooo weird!) Also, I have a pin in my toe because I used to have hammer toe.

Look out for more of her gorgeous face on this blog! And be sure to drop a comment below to help me welcome her to the Ladybird Likes family properly :)


  1. I LOVE her work! I bought a couple of her cards recently and they are so so pretty :-) Lucky girl to be working with you!

    Emily xx

  2. It's Freya!! She is a designer in my shop and she is very talented indeed. Glad things are going great for you Zoe :) x


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