Thursday, 28 March 2013

List 52: reasons why I want this weather to do one

Everyone else OVER this weather? Good. Welcome to the part of the interwebs where you can rant along with me about how crap it is and how much you wish it was spring/summer. To get you started, here is my list of reasons why I want the weather to buck up its ideas....

1. I'm sick of wearing tights. Not just tights. TWO pairs of 140 denier tights. What is even up with that. Even when I wear jeans I have to wear tights underneath. Now, I'm not blessed with amazing pins or anything like that, so I'm not exactly gagging to whip them out in all their pasty glory. But I'd like them to see sun at some point in 2013 please.

2. when your skin is as pale as mine, and the weather is cold, and part of that skin is exposed, it goes PURPLE. holler at my pale girls. (I'm not even exaggerating, it varies in shade from a bluey-grey to lilac.)

3. pyjamas, hoodie, crochet blanket, massive duvet, two pairs of socks, STILL COLD. this is me every night.

4. I really like ice cream. REALLY. I want to be able to eat it without catching pneumonia.

5. summer means frightfest, and I'm really gagging for some horror movie action

6.  London in summer is incredible. I never understand why everyone leaves the city in the summer to go to the beach (I hate the beach - controversial huh?) It's got such a great atmosphere, and I love how alive everything feels when the days are longer, and the weather is warmer. Getting gelato at 10pm in Leicester Square, and wandering the streets in a dress and sandals - that's the life for me.

7. I have a minor sunglasses addiction. If you wear sunglasses in winter you look like a douchebag (in my experience.) I need sunshine in my life.

I guess this is the result of global warming - some seriously messed up seasons. I saw on facebook a comparison of the weather this year, and the weather on the same dates last year - last year it was 23 degrees celsius, and this year it was 3 degrees. what the actual hell?! I also saw someone tweet about the fact that at current rates polar bears will be extinct in the wild by 2050. and that made me so so sad. I don't ever plan on having kids, as many of you will already know, but the thought that other people's children will grow up never seeing a polar bear.... we are on this planet for such a short time, but the things we do have consequences that are irreversible. I'm not a hippy or anything - I buy mass-produced goods, get my food from big supermarkets, drink more starbucks than is normal. but I do try to do small bits where I can to help the environment. it all feels kind of futile though. sigh.


  1. With you on all of the above. Sick of getting sweaty legs when forced to run for the train in tights-under-trousers. Also feel ridiculous at having to sit on the floor in the living room with my back to the radiator for warmth (our house is super drafty). Oh, and static, all over, ALL THE TIME. Roll on summer and strolling along the Southbank with an ice cream cone....

  2. Not just two layers, but sometimes THREE layers of tights. And tights under trousers. I can't remember the last time I didn't wear a thermal vest. Purple, grey, blue, white skin. Dry skin. A numb nose. Not wanting to leave the house unless it's a dire emergency. Basically: sod off, cold weather!

  3. I'm totally with you on the ice cream front.

  4. DO something for the environment then! STOP complaining about climate change and the fact that you can't wear tights if you don't care to change your behavior at the slightest for the better of the environment.


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