Saturday, 2 February 2013

will you be my valentine?

valentine's day - the season everyone loves to hate. well, at least I do! I hate how commercial it is, and the fact that, like most holidays, the emphasis seems to be on buying gifts and being thoughtful for just one day. surely you can buy a loved one a gift/card/flowers/take them out to dinner any day of the year? or maybe those are just the words of a cynical singleton....

but, I do love me some hearts. and some pink. and any excuse to make things cutesy and ridiculous. hence why I love valentine's day. and hence why I have designed a (very small and very limited edition) range of valentine's day accessories.

first up, are these kawaii googly eyed heart collar clips - available in baby pink, classic red, or black, for those whose heart (like mine) is ever so blackened!

and if bling is your thing, we have our giant glitter heart brooches and necklaces - they come in red, black, silver, or gold, and are huge, so perfect for making a statement! I have the silver one pinned on my favourite jacket, and I LOVE it!

 and finally we have possibly my favourite Ladybird Likes creation currently for sale - word heart collar clips. choose what you want to say from me/you, cat lady, love/hate, or tea/cake. or, if you have something you feel you need to share with the world, why not have your own pair of CUSTOM word heart collar clips maybe? just choose which background colour you'd like, and tell us what word you'd like on each heart. and voila, a totally unique piece of jewellery! so far we've had requests for names, blog/business names, rude words (tee hee), and a pair with a couple's initials on (awww how sweet!)


what's your favourite piece from the new collection? have you bought your other half/yourself a valentine's gift this year? if you haven't (shame on you, tut tut) watch this space as I have a wee valentine's giveaway coming up.....


  1. Love the new range, Zoe - especially the giant glittery heart brooches!! So awesome!!!
    Sending you some Valentines Day love xo

  2. Your collar clips are so lovely! I really love the one with Tea and Cake, it's incredibly cute! :)

  3. I'm with you on the Valentines cynical thing Zoe! Love your new range though and sold our first set of heart collar clips yesterday so it's nice to see there are some romantics out there xx

  4. Love these, my faves have to be the collar clips tea/cake and the glitter hearts!


  5. Great collection. I love the cat lady collar clips. Xx

  6. I'm adoring all of these, especially the customized clips. Great ideas for making them a bit more unusual [:

  7. Love the tea and cake ones! So cute :) xx

  8. Ah I haven't saw this post, and I asked on the giveaway the words "ME" and "You". My favourites are for sure the first hearts collar clips :)

    I hate also the valentine's day, because for sure it has lose is sense. I think it's more romantic to make a romatic dinner or change gifts in other days... that one that is schedule on the worldwide calendar...



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