Thursday, 21 February 2013

horniman museum

if, like me, you have never visited the horniman museum in Forest Hill before, then let me start by saying that you most definitely should. it is one of those places I'd always wanted to go and visit, but because it was a bit out of the way I had never gotten around to it. so I was super excited when I found out my pop up shop was just around the corner from the horniman! yesterday, after working in the shop in the afternoon, me and my mum went for a late lunch and a wander around the museum. unfortunately we didn't time our visit very well, and we got there much later than planned, so only had half an hour to wander round and snap a few photos, but I'm determined to visit there again very soon!

 my favourite bit of the whole place was this conservatory out the back of the museum (the horniman is a museum, but it also has the most incredible grounds which are so pretty) - I'd love to do a photoshoot here, or imagine having a wedding reception inside that conservatory? it reminded me quite a lot of the old Victorian greenhouse in Kew Gardens, with all that white metalwork, and glass panes.

 as we were leaving we caught the most beautiful sunset - such a nice way to end a few hours of rare mother and daughter time!

have any of you visited the horniman museum? what did you think? I know a lot of people find taxidermy really creepy, but I think when it's used in this way, to explain aspects of evolution, it is absolutely fascinating. I cannot wait to go back and spend hours in this place, reading all the placards properly!


  1. I'm adding this on my list of 'visit one place every week' :) Looks amazing! xx

  2. Oooh I googled that conservatory ages ago as I thought it would be the dream place for a photo shoot!
    Beautiful photos :)

  3. How incredible!! You always go to the neatest places Zoe!! :)

  4. Me me me! The Horniman Museum is one of London's best kept secrets. I love that place! I was lucky enough to live round the corner from it until July 2011. It's the perfect place for a picnic too. So pleased to see someone else enjoying it! xx

  5. Ah, now you've made me regret not visiting when I lived in Brockley. I always meant to, but never found the time. The conservatory looks wonderful - I hadn't seen that before!


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