Thursday, 10 January 2013

list 49: things I want to acheive in 2013

a little late on the whole 'new year resolutions' thang... but hey, that's how I roll! I like to think about them, and trial run them slightly before I announce them (not that that means I'm any more likely to stick to them or acheive them, but it makes me feel better!) so here they are.... some of these are big things, some are small things, some are things that need to be worked on every day, others are one off things. I like variety!

1. pass my driving test (and save up enough for a car) - this would help me grow my business, as I want to be able to travel to craft fairs/markets/festivals all around the UK, but the cost of train fares plus overnight accomodation has made it not worthwhile. BUT if I had my car, then the world (UK) would be my oyster!

2. do some sort of exercise every week - I KNOW everyone and their dog makes resolutions about exercise, but as I sit at a desk pretty much all day every day I feel I really need to make this happen! so far my plan consists of ballet classes twice a week (I used to do ballet when I was younger, and now I'm determined to get back into it) plus swimming once a week. we shall see how well this routine holds up, but I have high hopes!

3. be a better penpal - I have the best of intentions (doesn't everyone?) but I end up with letters I've written sitting on my desk for months (how this happens I have NO idea, seeing as I go to the Post Office every day) or lists of people who I owe Christmas/birthday/wedding gifts to. I'm going to set aside one day every two weeks where I organise all the non-business post I need to send, buy any presents or cards, wrap any gifts, and write any letters. (ALSO if you want to be my penpal for 2013, and I haven't put you off with this description of my incompetence, then drop me an email!)

4. take time off from work - yeah, everyone who owns their own business struggles with this one. where does the work stop and the life begin? in my case they have just merged into one, to the point where when I'm out socialising I'm still replying to customer emails, making notes for blog posts, sketching jewellery ideas, instagramming photos... I am going to take at least one day off every week where I will go out and do something fun and totally non-work related.

5. blog more - since starting my business, this poor little blog has been very neglected. partly because I don't have much time to spend blogging, partly because I feel really guilty when people are reading my blog/commenting on my blog and I don't have time to do the same, and partly because I haven't really done anything worth blogging about! I spend most of my time watching DVDs and making jewellery, or writing emails, or doing accounts, or other equally visually dull things! but with my resolution to get out more, I should hopefully have some fun things to share on here. plus I'm working on a proper blog schedule, with some new weekly post features to introduce. stay tuned!

6. drink less caffeine - I am entirely fueled by caffeine, and even more so since being self-employed. it has gotten to the point where if I don't have caffeine or sugar for a couple of hours I get shaky and have an awful headache. so I'm cutting back. NOT removing completely (I don't think I would get anything done otherwise) but seriously restricting my daily intake. here's to a 2013 where I don't develop a caffeine-related medical problem.

7. grow my business - this is something that is a HUGE deal for me. I never even dared to dream of being self-employed so soon after starting my own business, let alone being able to employ my sister too! I have so many plans for Ladybird Likes - 2012 was a year for making mistakes, learning what works and what doesn't, and finding my place in the craft world. Now, in 2013, I want to expand and branch out into new things.

8. spend less - actually this should probably be 'spend less on pointless things you don't need/won't ever use.' I'm trying to think carefully about all purchases - especially with clothes/shoes/jewellery. I get so easily suckered in by sales and special offers, and end up with loads of stuff that I kinda like, rather than a few pieces that I really love. 2013 is all about decluttering.

9. read more - I'd like to do a book review post on here as a monthly/fortnightly feature. I love reading, but it always seems to be low down on my list of priorities. I try to read at least one page every evening before I go to sleep, but this means reading a novel can take a year! my aim is to read 12 books this year - I've picked them out and purchased them already, so I will make a list of them on here next week and review each one as I finish it.

10. be happy with who I am - SUPER CHEESY I know, but it's a big thing for me. it's so easy to compare myself with others, and in 2012 I found myself at times getting a touch of green with envy - more successful business owners, people in relationships, people with big groups of friends, anyone with lots of money/nice things, pretty people, thin people, people who are organised, people who own their own house, people who can draw/knit/know how to use illustrator properly... the list goes on and on really! this year I want to focus on being the best person that I can be, rather than the best imitation of someone else.

have you made any resolutions this year? if you've blogged them then please leave me a link in the comments - I love seeing what other people have resolved to do/give up/be better at, and maybe we can encourage each other to keep on this path after January finishes and that inevitable lack of motivation creeps in! xoxo


  1. ive gone for monthly targets...because im rubbish at year long ones! Januarys targets include clean the oven, sort out the downstairs bookshelves and paint the bathroom...ive done the oven so far...soo i guess thats progress! can't wait to see what 2013 brings for you!we've just applied for the brighton craftaganza in march...thats one you've done before right? what did you think about it? worth while?

  2. I believe you really should do the 7 point on your list. You have such a talent and love on your work! I was just know whining because I've been like for a huge time up to the Cat Collar Clips you had on your esty store. I was just right now to get it and... It's already gone.

    But you really are talented.


  3. Fantastic goals Zoe!! I hope you accomplish every one!! :)
    I really need to add 'spend less' to my list of goals too! :)
    PS Did you get the little parcel I sent you for Christmas?

  4. I cant wait to here you talk about those books! And it is so not cheesy to learn to be happy with ourselves.

    Wish you a happy 2013!
    Olive xox

  5. Great goals! Many of them line up with my Resolutions for the year.

  6. I love your goals, good luck with them! I made a list of things I'd like to accomplish in January rather than the whole year and I'm finding that quite rewarding. It's here if you'd like to read :)

  7. A good list! I also left my goal/resolution/challenge setting until a bit after the new year after mulling over my options. A lot of your list looks like things I've resolved to do in the past; blogging more, cutting down on caffeine, exercising more, reading more, spending less... This year I've just settled for a few quite specific challenges, you can see them here if you fancy:


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