Saturday, 29 December 2012

list 48: things I'm learning to overcome

everyone has insecurities. some people are better at hiding them than others. i think that somehow, without even realising it, i have become one of those people that are really good at pretending that everything is awesome and that i am always this super positive person. it's easy enough to write a blog post about being happily single, and being a strong, independent woman, but that is definitely not how i feel all the time.

part of it stems from struggling with depression since i was 15. sometimes i think that if i don't act sad then i won't feel sad. of course it doesn't work like that, but i do try to focus on the positive things, especially on my blog. i don't think that any good comes from holding on to negative thoughts. one of my aims for 2013 though is to let go more, and try to overcome some of the things that hold me back at times. here are the main things I'm going to be focusing on....

1. posting more outfit posts - I very VERY rarely post any pictures of myself on this blog, and I tell myself it's because I don't have anyone to take photos of me, or that I don't have time to get dressed up to be in a photo, or whatever. but the real reason is my lack of confidence. i have suffered from acne for as long as i can remember, and as i got older it never went away. even with make up on my skin is so far from being photographable! but I really hate not having photos of myself on my blog - I think it makes it feel really impersonal. plus I love looking back at the outfits I've worn, hairstyles I've tried. so next year I will be aiming to post an outfit at least every other week! please be kind!

2. writing more - I tend to inadvertently stifle my own voice when blogging, instead writing a few sentences alongside photographs. there are times when something has really upset, or frustrated, or angered me, and I've wanted to blog about it, but I've told myself no-one wants to read a long-winded rant on here. and maybe they don't. but the whole reason I started this blog was to have somewhere to write these things.

3. stop editing my life - it's so easy to feel like your life doesn't match up with that of other bloggers. and it's a topic I come back to over and over again. I want to feel confident enough to share every aspect of my life online, not just the bits that I feel fit in with a warped sense of what my life should be like.

have you started making resolutions yet? i have another post coming which has more general resolutions, but i wanted to share these separately. they are only three relatively small things, but if I can achieve them I think my blog will be all the better for it, and so will I!


  1. I think you're super brave to share all those things, and it's great to see someone being so honest about how they feel. Blogging definitely leans towards people editing their lives to reflect only the happy, pretty things. Having a little both is a very good thing.

    Your outfits are always great, I look forward to seeing the posts in 2013! I'll have to take some snaps of you when we hang out in Jan :) Much love, S x

  2. I can completely relate to this! I read other people's blogs (yours included!) and can't help but think that people probably don't want to read about me sitting in my PJs with my rabbit being grumpy but sometimes we all need an outlet and I can say that reading this very honest post makes me want to always be as honest too. And maybe post some outfit posts that aren't me in my PJs! xxx

  3. Go for it, this blog space is yours and yours alone, it can be anything you want it to be. x

  4. how amazing are you! soch good, honest and true words. I would love to see photos of you, we are all not perfect just trying to be the best we can. no ones life is better than anyone elses, they are just different. take care, natalie xx

  5. These are great resolutions. Being able to let go of things is a valuable skill (one I have yet to master) and as for writing about stuff that upsets you, I think that is to be encouraged. It's your blog and people who write shiny happy posts all the time aren't being true to themselves (or else they're on powerful drugs). You write beautifully and people will read what you write - only you know how much is right to share I guess? And finally, sod other bloggers, you are very talented so don't get hung up on others! Go for it I say!

  6. oh zoe, if only you knew how inspiring you are (happy new year!) x

  7. Really lovely , brave and honest post


  8. Hey Zoe, I feel so inspired reading this. I really admire your honesty and suffering with depression myself and not really doing a great job of dealing with it, I can totally understand how you feel. These are goals I need to set myself and reading this has made me feel a lot more positive and not so alone. I've been so surprised at how many inspirational women I've found through twitter and the vintage and craft scene that also suffer with depression and it gives me hope that I can overcome it too. x


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