Tuesday, 2 October 2012

wanna work with me?

that's right guy and gals, Ladybird Likes are looking for some lovely people who are interesting in doing a studio internship with us. we are extremely flexible in terms of dates and shifts that person would work - anything from one day a week for three weeks, to five days a week for a whole month. the only requirements we have are that you must be over 16 years of age (legal eagles say so, and so do our insurers!) and you must be able to travel to Greenford (just on the edge of West London.) in return we can offer you:

- reimbursement of your travel costs (up to £10 a day, though this may be negotiable depending on your circumstances)
- lunch and refreshments when you are working
- experience working in a creative business environment
- help with any questions you may have about setting up and running a small business
- the opportunity to learn about a wide range of aspects of running a small business, from accounting, to product development, to branding and pricing

we also have weekly business meetings in Starbucks (paid for by me of course!) plus weekly takeaway as an extra treat, and we like to have mini dance parties and movie sessions while we work! although this is an unpaid internship we hope that the experience the right individual could gain from their time with us would be extremely beneficial,  particularly to someone interested in starting their own business. interns will be able to work in a number of roles, including;

- packaging orders
- making products (both jewellery and non-jewellery items)
- designing graphics
- developing new product ideas
- assisting at craft fairs and markets
- updating social networking sites and the blog
- liaising with customers via email and phone
- photographing new products/assisting on photoshoots

we are looking for interns on an ongoing basis, so if you are interested in working with us please send me an email with a copy of your CV and a cover letter explaining why you'd like to intern at Ladybird Likes, and what you'd hope to gain from the internship. also, if you know anyone else who might be interested (perhaps someone studying art and design, or someone interested in making and selling their own items) then please pass on my email address:



  1. Im really interested to take part in your work. I have sent my CV to the above mail id.
     Trade Mark Attorney CV 

  2. Sadly, I am just shy of sixteen and stuck in a dreadful seaside town.. apart from these big problems, I would've jumped at this chance! Maybe one day?

    Good luck for the search. The crafty studio lifestyle sounds like a dream! x

  3. This sounds so great! I wish I lived near you - California is probably too far of a commute haha


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