Saturday, 27 October 2012

easily distracted in leeds

a few weeks ago I spent the weekend in Leeds. the reasons for this stay were twofold; firstly, I was visiting my online galpal Rhianne from For the Easily Distracted. we have been online friends for a while now (I can't even remember how long - maybe a year and a half?) but never had the opportunity to meet up in person as she lives in Leeds and I live in London. secondly, I was taking part in the Reetsweet Craft Fair, something which I'd been wanting to do for ages as I'd heard nothing but good things about it!

well it turned out to be an amazing weekend, full of yummy food, lots of blogging chat, meeting lots of lovely customers, taking lots of photos, and exploring Leeds. here are a few of the snaps I took over the weekend....

these pics were taken inside Leeds Corn Exchange where the Reetsweet fair was being held - isn't it the most gorgeous building?! the light in there was incredible too, although you can't really tell from these shots!

on the Sunday Rhianne took me Kirkstall Abbey, one of her favourite places, and we spent most of the day wandering and taking photos - it's not hard to see why it's her favourite place, it was so beautiful, and I took so many pictures!

 there is a little cafe near the abbey so we had teak and cakes - I had red velvet (which has a layer of raspberry in it, YUM!) and Rhianne had a scone

oh yeah, and they even had rabbits! how cute is this grey and white one? (so hard to photograph things that move a lot with my camera as you have to focus manually, so I'm chuffed this photos came out so well!)

look at how gorgeous this place is - inside the abbey there was such perfect photo-taking light, I could have taken twice as many photos but I'm trying to be a little more conservative with film as I can't justify spending so much money on developing them when I'm broke...


something spooked this flock of birds and I managed to get a shot (again, I'm very impressed with my little camera, I hadn't focused properly but these pictures came out okay)

autumn  is definitely here - everywhere you looked the leaves were the most beautiful shades of yellow, and brown, and orange

 these are the tracks for a miniature railway that Rhianne showed me - I definitely want to do a shoot here one day, it was the most magical place, and the light leaking through the trees had an incredible quality


thank you Rhianne for being such an amazing hostess and friend - I can't wait to hang out again real soon!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You are such a talented photographer and designer!

  2. This looked like it was a wonderful day!!
    I lovelovelove all these photos Zoe!! I wish I could have been there!! :)

  3. Ms Megan how weird is it that we both wrote LOVE LOVE LOVE t exactly the same time!!? Spoooky!

  4. Love the miniature railway shot. Great location!

  5. HOLY HELL THAT CAKE. It needs to be in my mouth.
    I love all the other photographs you took, especially the ones in the abbey :)

    Alli xx

  6. Yeay, I'm so glad they turned out well and you're very welcome :)

  7. That miniature railway is beyond amazing!! I have already demanded that Rhianne take me there one day. Beautiful!

    x Jasmine


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