Thursday, 19 July 2012

collections: vintage doggy stamps

I'm a collector. Well, that's what I call it - 'collector' sounds nicer than 'crazy hoarder lady' right? I collect anything and everything old - from mugs, to postcards, to books, to brooches and badges, to magazines, and everything in between. In order to justify collecting so much stuff I have been trying to use some of it in my crafting and packaging - it makes me feel like I have more of a reason to collect things, plus as much as I love buying things to keep, I think I love sharing them with other likeminded people more :) I've been making lots of vintage stamp brooches for my Etsy shop (there are currently only three left, so if you want one act fast!) so spent an hour or so today sorting through my stamp collection picking out the best ones to be turned into brooches. Miss Phoebe loved looking through them, and we soon realised that I had inadvertently started a collection of vintage dog stamps!

 Here is the little lady sorting through the doggy stamps - we were matching up the dogs on the stamps to dogs we knew!

I picked out a few of my absolute favourites to share with you - it was hard though, they were all so lovely, with wonderful colours and fonts and illustrations.


What things do you collect? Does anyone else collect particular stamps? I also have lots of stamps with cats on, which is weird as I'm not really a cat person! I can't wait to turn some of these into brooches - I think they will look so cute!


  1. Awww I never knew you collected stamps! You have some pretty ones on your little pile!

    I don't really collect anything at the moment, but I would love to start collecting more postcards - if that counts. :)


  2. those are absolutely adorable! that's such a cute thing to collect! i collect buttons and vintage cameras :) it's fun to collect things!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  3. They're amazing! Where on earth do you find so many beautiful stamps? I'm astounded by how pretty they are as usually just dismiss stamps on the whole and just collect them for charity of any mail I receive. As for collecting stuff for myself I have a thing for birds and china so I have a couple of china bird money boxes. I also seem to have a rather large collection of fabric but do have plans for most of it!

  4. I collect stamps too! I never understood why it was seen as an 'uncool' hobby - when each stamp is a miniature artwork. I collect animal stamps in general, but cat and panda stamps are my absolute favourites!

  5. These are adorable! My uncle collects stamps, I'll have to ask him if he has any dog ones. I just popped over because Sarah Rooftops was showing off one of your lovely broaches, your blog is adorable xo

  6. ahh i collected stamps when i was little!! i want a stamp brooch!


  7. These are so cute. I'd love to see the cat ones. I picked up a packet of vintage stamps for a local flea market a few months ago, most of them had butterflies or birds on which are lovely :)


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