Thursday, 21 June 2012

List 36: traits my perfect man would posess

So this whole online dating malarky has got me thinking about what I look for in my 'perfect' guy (the quotes are because I don't actually believe there is any such thing!) I'm pretty fussy when it comes to men and I, like so many other females, seem to go for the guy that doesn't like me/is mean to me/ messes me about/plays hard to get. Here are a few qualities and skills I'd like my future partner to posess...

1. must be able to listen to me drone on about Harry Potter/The Hunger Games/some obscure Japanese horror film/ a cute picture of a dog wearing a hat/my new favourite blog all the time. Even better, they'd actually like some or all of those things too! (definitely wishful thinking)

2. must be able to play some sort of musical instrument. I'm inexplicably drawn to men that can play instruments, especially drummers and bass players. Total groupie.

3. must like dogs. I'd like a house full of dogs one day, so this is a deal breaker.

4. must have at least one of the following; dorky glasses, floppy hair, pale skin, stubble, too tight jeans, an Irish accent, an uncanny likeness to Michael Cera or Matthew Gray Gubler.

5. must have good oral hygiene. You'd think this would be a given but I have learnt otherwise...

6. must enjoy hip hop music. Must also enjoy drinking mojitos and taking questionable photos in toilet mirrors whilst listening to hip hop music.

7. must be thoughtful, but not cheesy. I'm not a traditionally romantic person at all, but I like thoughtful gestures. Recording The Walking Dead when I fall asleep on the sofa = thoughtful. A dozen red roses at work = cheesy.

8. must not be a slacker. Smoking weed and playing video games all day is all well and good when you're 16, but when you're 26 it's a bit sad. Release that stranglehold on your youth and do something with yourself.

9. must be passionate about something. It doesn't matter what, it doesn't even matter if I don't like the thing they're passionate about. I truly believe everyone should have at least one thing that they love and can talk about at length.

10. must 'get' sarcasm. I have a sarcastic sense of humour, and on too many occasions I think I've offended people who think I'm being deadly serious!

11. must be American. I want a green card.

12. must be good at apologising. I get annoyed easily, but I am also very quick to apologise and move on. My ex was never very good at saying sorry, or admitting when he was at fault, or at letting things go and it led to lots of arguments. My mother taught me to never go to sleep without saying sorry and making things okay, and I definitely try to live by that.

What things do you look for in a partner? Are you fussy when it comes to dating? xoxo


  1. The main quality for me is someone who will accept that someday I will buy a goat. Probably 5. And name them after the members of The Band. Garth, Levon, Rick, Richard and Robbie.

  2. I love your placing of sarcasm and America together hahaha, you should be so lucky (although to be fair any American with the rest of those attributes would understand it)

    I like number 7, am slightly gutted about number 8, think your mother is a very lovely and sensible woman and at best am ill at ease with the idea of online dating xx

  3. I'm pretty sure I cover enough of these. Sure I'm a British woman me ;)

  4. I swear 4 and 8 are unfortunately intrinsically linked?! Not too picky at all! Id agree with all of those, although id also add Andrew Garfield on there! PERFECTION! xxx

  5. Yes, all of the above!! If you find someone that meets your criteria and has a brother that meets it all too: send him my way!! ;)

  6. Love love love your lists, they always make me smile.

    I wouldn't say I'm fussy in what I look for, but I'm probably not the easiest person to live with. MUST be organised- or willing to try. My life is one big melting pot of lists and calendars. MUST accept that I like to blog- that does mean I take a lot of pictures and consider some of my friends to be people I've never met in person. Get over it.

  7. hehe this is great, I am totally with you on these, especially number 2 (have a thing for drummers...) and 12, my ex was like that too. Oh, and also number 4, floppy hair, stubble... sold.

  8. I can say Greg only has two of those points covered (6 & 3)... However, Onion has all of them so maybe if you don't find a man just get a cool dog! Yes, he can play an instrument btw


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