Wednesday, 4 April 2012

photoshoot inspiration

Almost as soon as I decided I wanted to set up an Etsy shop, I decided I wanted to create a sort of mini lookbook of my products on a model. Any excuse for a photoshoot right?! It will be online (on this blog) but I'm also going to make a limited run of zines featuring the photos and a little bit about Ladybird Likes. I will be releasing details of how you can get your mitts on one very soon... but for now here is a little peek at some of the pictures that are currently inspiring me, and a little bit about how I gather inspiration from magazines and things around me.

 I have about five of these HUGE box files that I keep all my magazine clippings in, and they are pretty high up on my list of things I would save if my house was on fire!

first of all I have to spread all the cuttings out so I can better see what I've got - this is also how I often spot unexpected complimentary pictures, by them being side by side when I spread them out

when I am working on a specific project I keep all the cuttings associated with that project in sketchbooks, just stuck in with masking tape (in case I change my mind and want to swap them over)

when I have a shortlist of images I like laying them out so I can better see themes running within the images, recurring colours or imagery, what styles of photography are used, what sort of locations they are shot in, that kind of thing

Hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes at my creative planning process. How do you get inspired for particular projects?


  1. I love looking at moodboards/sketchbooks/inspiration boards by people. I absolutely love florals & pastels. Good luck for the shoot, & I would love to get a hold of your zine! (& totally share it on my blog! ;))

    1. I will definitely put aside a copy of the zine for you :) I'm hoping to do the shoot in a few weeks then put together the zines in may xo

  2. love this idea! it is so important to surround ourselves with pretty inspiration. :-) can't wait to see the results of the shoot! how fun.


    1. awww thanks so much! I definitely think it's important too - my wall are just crammed with stuff! xo

  3. Love this post Zoe, can we have more please! I'm so bad at this kind of thing, it's so great to see behind the scenes of other people's creative process. xx

  4. I can always use more photography inspiration. saving pages from magazines is a great idea! what magazines do you like?

    oh & where do you buy your dymo embossing tape? they don't sell it in many stores anymore!

  5. Hi Zoe
    I have passed on the sunshine blog award to you for bringing some sunshine into my day with your lovely blog. If you want to check out the post here's the link

    I love those box files!
    Jo :)


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