Thursday, 26 April 2012

List 31: magazines I am a little bit too in love with

These are the magazines I read on a semi regular basis - there are a billion more that I get on occasion out of boredom or desperation or just to cut up, but these are my favourites which I collect and cherish.

1. Mollie Makes

2. Lula

3. Frankie

4. Martha Stewart Living

5. Oh Comely

6. Marie Claire Idees

7. Stella

8. Uppercase

9. Papier Mache

10. Ballad Of

11. Lionheart

12. Jalouse

13. Material Girl

What are your favourite magazines? I'm always on the hunt for good magazines to read so if you can recommend any that would make me very happy :) xo


  1. Happy to see that i'm not the only one who's going nuts in the magazines section in the shop :)
    I'm in Belgium so i'm buying mostly dutch magazines.. The ones i always buy are Flair, Libelle, Flow, 101 woonidee├źn & VT Wonen.

  2. I literally go mad whenever I come across a newsagents stocking a good selection of magazines! I love Oh Comely particularly, but recently came across Garage, and Hunger. Beautiful editorials, art and interesting articles.

  3. Love your list posts Zoe. I love Oh Comely too, well how could you not. The market on East Street in Elephant & Castle always has a stall selling loads of magazines for 50p. I always buy really weired arty looking ones because they're so cheap. x


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