Wednesday, 18 April 2012

List 30: my guilty pleasures

This list barely scratches the surface - I love being obnoxious and liking things that other people hate, but whilst pretending that I hate them too so as to appear highbrow and cool.

1. eating peanut butter by the spoonful (I try to only do this VERY occasionally and only when I'm at home on my own!)

2. answering my phone when telesales companies call and pretending I am someone else so I don't have to speak to them

3. taking my shoes off at work

4. waking up sleeping people on the train when we get to the last stop (my station is the end of the line, so people who fall asleep end up there, and I absolutely LOVE prodding them and seeing them jump up and realise they have gone about 10 stops too far!)

5. turning the pillow over in the morning to get the cold side

6. listening to Avril Lavigne whilst wearing arm warmers

7. watching The Simple Life and really enjoying it

8. Mc Donalds - I know they are gross and everything, but I can't help myself

9. annoying my dog when he is trying to rest and then, when he gets all riled up, getting annoyed that he won't leave me alone. HA!

10. action movies - the worse they are the more I love them. If they include car chases/big explosions/slow mo jumping across buildings/Jason Statham then I will say I hate them but secretly love it.


  1. YES to the peaunut butter!!! i could eat the whole jar...

    and i'd love to see their faces when you wake them up on the train ;)

  2. ha! i have been caught on many occasions doing no.1. and i do no.9 to my cat ALLLL the time! lol so much fun <3

  3. excellent! I have a spoonful of peanut butter almost every day....

  4. Are action movies really a guilty pleasure?! Why lie about that? I love them!! Crank is one of my all time favourite films, I also love Arnie and Bruce Willis too! (also Jason Statham is yummy) and definitely the worse it is, the better it is haha.

    McDonalds! I had a strawberry milkshake last month from there and it was so good, so gross, but so so good, I loved every bit. And I also agree on the peanut butter lol.

  5. I fifth the peanut butter. Also The Simple Life, totally a guilty pleasure! x

  6. I sixth the peanut butter but I also do a thing which my other half HATES which is take the spoonful of peanut butter and then dip in into either jam or honey, for a double taste explosion. Mm mmmm mmmmmmm!

    As to crappy movies, I hear ya! So good. Umm, 4 hourblack and white film in Inuit with a soundtrack by Phillip Glass OR 90 minutes of cheap fun violence. I know where I'll be ;)

  7. I love the comment about action movies, I'm the same but with horror movies, the worse they are the more I like them. But no one wants to watch bad horror movies with me :S


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