Sunday, 29 April 2012

Creightons Chocolaterie Shoot

As many of you already know I have some ridiculously talented friends, and one of them is my bestie Lucy who, along with her family, owns Creighton's Chocolaterie. They make THE best chocolate, and they make it look bloody brilliant too! Last month me and Lucy took a day trip to Hastings to hit up the junk shops there (we got some good swag too!) and whilst we were by the seaside we did a mini photoshoot for some of the new chocolate-based products for her shop. I love these pictures - so different from your normal chocolate shop fodder right?

these chocolate cameras are obviously one of my favourite things ever!

Lucy modelling the giant lip lolly

this ice cream is probably my favourite of the seaside themed goodies (also note my amazing nails which Lucy painted for me - there is literally no end to her talents)

that's me chowing down on the only hamburger you'll ever see me eat!

one of these is not what it seems...



  1. Aww love that chocolate camera and mini fish & chips!!

  2. WOW those mini fish and chip are amazing! I think I might have to buy some things for my sisters wedding.. xx

  3. These are so cute! Chocolate is always awesome but I might feel almost bad eating these. Lucy's dimples are so pretty!

  4. Love the chocolate fish and chips! Your nails are so pretty too. I might steal her idea! xx

  5. This is so cute!!
    And I absolutely love your cute nails!
    x x x


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