Saturday, 11 February 2012

my studio inspiration

Just a little peek at one of the walls in my studio/craft room. I love having pretty images and objects around me at all times - it really does help when I feel uninspired. On this wall are magazine cuttings, a couple of photographs, an owl postcard, a Yoko Ono quote, and a piece of one of my favourite ever vintage fabrics in an embroidery hoop.

these incredible bird stamp illustrations are by Kate Sutton - I snagged them from her stall at Renegade last year (I absolutely love her work!)

I will share some peeks at my other inspiration walls next week too :) What do you have on your walls? Do you find you get more inspired having lots of stuff on your wall, or just a few select pieces? xoxo


  1. adore the embroidery! I currently have a few select pieces on my wall but love the idea of having a 'feature' wall. x

  2. Lovely photos. Wish I had a studio room! I don't have anything on my walls just now, but I have piles of books everywhere for inspiration. Will get around to putting pictures up at some point for sure. Look forward to more pictures of your crafty room xx

  3. that fabric is gorgeous! i have a small workshop in my parents garden and always like finding images and things to inspire me :)
    just visited your etsy shop and like it very muchly :) really unusual and pretty pieces! xx


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