Monday, 16 January 2012

List 24: presents I received for Christmas (and loved)

I was originally going to post photos of all my Xmas goodies, but I feel like I've left it for too long now, so instead I'm just going to tell you about some of my favourite gifts I received this year (and why I love them)

1. a wooden Narwhal brooch (do I really need to explain - it's a NARWHAL)
2. a signed Rob Ryan print (just need to find the perfect frame, but it is the most beautiful thing you ever did see)
3. new pyjamas (it's kind of a tradition for my parents to buy me pyjamas, and it's one I love - there is nothing like falling asleep on Christmas evening in snuggly new pjs)
4. a huge wood letterpress Z which is now hanging on my wall
5. homemade Rocky Road bars (ummmmm YUM)
6. a vintage ET necklace (oh god I need to take a photo of this because it is the best thing ever)
7. a stack of gorgeous books from my amazon wishlist, including several craft ones, and one all about vintage caravans!
8. this Ghost World movie poster print that I had been eyeing up for several months
9. a mini crocheted blanket to add to my collection - it's about a quarter of the size of my giant one, but is the perfect size to sit on my lap while I'm crafting late at night
10. Lush snow fairy shower gel (again, I get a bottle of this every year, but it smells so good, like candyfloss)

I didn't get very many presents this Christmas, mainly because I owed my parents a heap of money. I still owe them money, but a slightly smaller heap as they wrote off some of my debt in lieu of gifts. You know you are a grown up when you have to decide between a smaller debt and Christmas presents! I'm lucky to have so many wonderful friends (and two amazing sisters) who gave me such lovely things, so I still had plenty of things to open on Christmas day. What did everyone else get? Leave a comment or link me to your blog posts xoxo


  1. I always get new PJ's at Christmas, it is always at the top of list. It isn't Christmas without them!

    Claire xxx

  2. Sounds like fab stuff. Would love to see photos. :)
    We don't really do Christmas presents in a big way but my parents were vacationing in New Zealand this Christmas & though I chose not to go along, they felt guilty about not taking me so they got me a lot of stuff. Loads of chocolates & candies, some nice clothes, fun tins, fab Forever New bags I had been eyeing for a while, a Homer Simpson beer mug (though I don't drink beer, it's still a fun collectable because I like Simpsons), & some awesome stuff for the home that I'm gonna enjoy anyway as I live at home. :)
    Photos are all on film so they should be up in a little while.

  3. I'd love to see the ET necklace! I too got a book about caravans and one about campervans. It sounds like your gift givers know your tastes
    Jo :)


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