Thursday, 22 December 2011

List 21: reasons why I love autumn and winter

It's no secret that although summer is great (particularly love all the sun, because without sun pretty much everything would die, and that would be bad) I much prefer autumn and winter. Here are just some of the reasons why...

1. gingerbread lattes at Starbucks
2. waiting for snow
3. autumn leaves
4. wearing wellies without feeling silly
5. driving in the dark to look for Christmas lights
6. snuggling under knitted blankets
7. drawing on the condensation on bus windows
8. baking things with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg in
9. being able to see my breath as I walk home
10. fairy lights in trees
11. crocheting in the evenings
12. buying a new coat
13. log fires in old fashioned pubs
14. seeing the sun set from Northala Hills
15. spiced warm cider
16. wrapping Christmas presents for my loved ones
17. wearing big thick socks all the time
18. cups of tea at home
19. not needing to shave my legs every single day
20. making paper snowflakes and paper chains
21. lighting candles every evening
22. glittery pine cones
23. movie nights with my sister
24. ice skating outdoors
25. visiting the Christmas room in Libertys
26. knitted jumpers
27. cooking big pots of chilli for dinner
28. snow days
29. dressing Jasper in his doggy coat
30. spending Christmas with my family


  1. gingerbread lattes are amazing. you should try a peppermint mocha x

  2. this list could have been written by me! I wish we could have October November and December all over again! x

  3. Love gingerbread lattes, I bought Gav an espresso maker and some gingerbread syrup so we could make our own at home. So not shaving the legs too. Gav is not such a fan, and refers to me as 'The Cromagnon woman'. x

  4. autumn is a very pretty time but i'm not a fan of the cold
    nice list


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