Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hannelore Farrell

About this time last year I started scanning in lots of my Nanny's old slides whilst in the computer lab at university. My plan was to scan in all her slides and have the images made into a book for her to look at since most of the slides had never been made into prints, and since we didn't have a slide projector for her to look at them with. Life got pretty busy around Christmas, and I didn't get a chance to finish the book, so instead I decided I would make it for her birthday instead. My beautiful, inspiring, amazing, and caring Nanny died a few days before her 81st birthday, and a few days before I could give her the book.

I've mentioned on her before that I hate the idea of having regrets, but if I only regret one thing in my life it's that I didn't make the time to finish that book to give it to her for Christmas. I know how much she would have loved it, and how much it would have meant to her. So instead I wanted to share some of my favourite images with you.

that's my Nanny and her two daughters (my Mum is the one on the right)

 my Mum (the girl in the middle) is holding Panda, the stuffed toy panda I have sitting on my bed to this day! He is 50 years old next year.

 when I was looking through the pictures to choose ones for this blog post I realised that the white sort of pouch thing my Nanny is holding is the same camera pouch I own (I bought mine from a boot sale, but it holds a Brownie Vecta camera) - it makes me so happy knowing I own something she used to own

 I absolutely love my Nanny's dress in this picture - she was always so stylish and had such gorgeous clothes and accessories always

She was the most incredible person, and I can never write words that will do justice to her life and to everything she meant to me. But I am so proud and honoured to call her my Nanny.


  1. Beautiful pictures Zoe, your nan was gorgeous and so stylish. How lovely to have a nan you thought that much of xx

  2. Zoe this is the sweetest post and I totally know how you feel. I wasn't preparing anything special for my grandpa, but we did have plans despite him being 89 years old. We wanted to go for lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, to go eat a proper pizza again and to have a creative afternoon together. I know how crushing it is to have those things unfinalised, but have you thought about doing like I did and making all those feelings into a zine? Mine was SUPER hard to make because of all the emotional content, but after doing it I felt great about it, it felt like we'd made it together and he'd been there with me through the process. I fully recommend it as a way of coping.


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