Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bourton on the Water (part 1)

Last weekend my sister were away for a few days, so I was home alone with my parents (and Jasper of course.) We decided to make the most of a sunny Sunday and headed out to Bourton on the Water, the cutest little village that my parents have visited several times before. It was so nice to get out of London for the day, and spend the day talking with my parents, stopping for lunch, wandering round the shops, taking photos, and generally relaxing. Bourton is a really beautiful place, and I'd definitely love to come back in the summer and maybe do a photoshoot, it's just so picturesque with the little stream running through the middle.

 my love for old stone walls is still going strong, I wish we had them in London....

 I nearly didn't include this one because of the sun flare, but I put it up here for Rhianne because I get really overexcited when I see a street with the same name as someone I know!

 these are just two of the dozens of photos I took of the ducks on the little stream - for some reason I got a little bit obsessed with them and couldn't help myself elbowing Japanese tourists out of the way to get a good shot!


  1. I love Bourton on the Water, use to there all the time with my grandparents. Photo's look amazing xx

  2. It looks like a very cute place to visit.

    Emily x

  3. these photo are lovely

  4. I love dry stone walls. I used to build them when I was younger and volunteered on Exmoor. It's fun slotting in all the stones and hoping it stays up! x

  5. Eeee, I only just saw this, I just got overly excited to see that too and then realised that you mentioned me as well

    did you see my posts about bourton on the water? its in my list of favourite places, so I'm even more excited that you thought of me there too :)

    gah, you are amazing and have just made my day! x


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